Revela Decompiler

Decompile Aptos smart contract to recover Move source code.

or try an example: 0x6f986d146e4a90b828d8c12c14b6f4e003fdff11a8eecceceb63744363eaac01 on mainnet

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What VERICHAINS offers


Verified by Construction

It grants users access to 100% accurate source code derived from on-chain bytecode, bypassing the need for extra verification steps, where source code first needs to be uploaded to a service which then performs a (non-decentralized) verification step.


Enhanced Trust

By making the decompiler public, we are prioritizing transparency within the Aptos ecosystem. This increased transparency not only allows users to fully understand how smart contracts function, but also helps in identifying any hidden malicious code or vulnerabilities.


Independent Verification

With the ability to independently verify and analyze smart contract code, users and developers have the power to ensure the integrity of protocols and apps.


Knowledge Sharing

The decompilation tool serves as an invaluable educational resource for emerging developers. By analyzing secure smart contracts and understanding their inner workings, developers can apply these insights to create more robust and secure applications.

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